Blacks like cutting heads

⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ CAUTION! DRASTIC! IDEAL PLACE FOR IMMIGRATION FOR BLM ACTIVISTS CENTRAL AFRIC. REPUBLIC 2018 👉 [And to be clear: it has nothing to do with colonialism. That was there before.] ▶ ️ Background: Tagbara, Bambari district, April 2 or 3, 2018 13 men, 4 women & 4 children are slaughtered by “anti-balaka militias” (“Christians”). You may also cut something to eat. This “militia” fights against Muslims. “Sekeka” militias for control of diamond mines. There used to be more such slaughterhouses on the continent, since the demarcation of the border (Berlin 1878) fewer. Slaughter takes place here. Cannibalize in Eastern Congo. In South Africa they are burned alive. And whoever claims that this has something to do with former colonialism is riding a dead horse! The colonial powers prevented such conditions! This is the reality of a large continent whose inhabitants are so natural. majority reject. But BLM continues to demonize the Europeans