Why this site?

1- In short: F*ck BLM!

2- More details? That’s simple: Blacks’ worldwide propaganda wants to make us believe that they are the poor victims of racist Whites! We just show here a very small part of today’s reality, either in the US, in the UK and in Europe. That’s always the same: The real victims are Whites. And guess who are the real culprits?

We publish sometimes graphic material as we believe that naive people who are still dreaming that a multicultural is possible, are just dreaming! We believe that showing the Truth can awake the sleepers! At least we do expect it!

We made this site in English but on the fly translation is possible. We do apologize for our broken English, it isn’t our native language! But language isn’t the essential point!

Whites around the world, Unite! Because White Lives Matter!

whitelives @ yandex.ru