White girl found stuffed inside a suitcase.

On July 29, 2019, Jessica McCormack was found stuffed inside a suitcase. Mahamud Mahamed, the father of one of Jessica’s young daughters, had disappeared with all of the girls around the same time that Jessica went missing weeks earlier. After the 25-year-old’s partially nude and decomposing body was discovered on the side of a highway, authorities learned that Mahamud had left Jessica’s children with another woman in a neighboring state. He has since fled the country and likely returned to his home in Somalia.

According to Jessica’s close friend, “I don’t want her remembered as the woman in the suitcase that was just thrown away, but how she loved everyone. It didn’t matter what race, what religion, she freakin’ loved you.” And although Jessica’s relationship with Mahamud was “tumultuous,” she felt that she would “keep trying because there’s something good in him.”