Missing Arkansas girl Cassie Compton

Authorities on Thursday were investigating a TikTok video that possibly shows missing Arkansas girl Cassie Compton.

The video, which has circulated on Facebook, shows a girl sitting in the backseat of a car with two men. The girl, who has dark circles under her eyes, stares silently at the camera with her head tilted as the men speak to each other.

Tina Storz, a private investigator who has been searching for Compton for years, said that the girl strongly resembles Compton but could not confirm it’s her. She said she has alerted local authorities and is trying to find out who posted the video.

A woman posted an Instagram video later Thursday claiming that she’s the one in the video. She said she doesn’t know who Compton is and that her eyes were bruised in a robbery. There were reports that the woman’s family reported her missing in southern California, but she says in the video that she’s “fine.”

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