Joe Biden in 1986 about South Africa

He’s been a part of the One World Goverment then, as he is still today! The rhetoric then is the same one they use today all over the world: the Whites are bad, therefore violence is necessary and acceptible! 🤬

They talked about South Africa in 1994 as the ‘great experiment’ of multi-culturism…and it was and forever will be a miserable failure! Everywhere multi-culturism comes into play, people are dying and crime, rape, and injustice skyrocketed. The Rainbow Nation was and will forever be a failure, and it’s all thanks to Globalists like Creepy Joe! 😡🤬 We were a prosperous land and people before they stepped in. Us Afrikaners, as he so disdainfully speak about us, were the ones who made it what it was – flourishing and successful…the blacks made it what it is today: a failure and death-trap.

Hope he sees his ass handed to him come the 3rd.