You have white skin? Die!

White people. Do you actually think the invaders care about you not being a racist? Do you think they won’t beat you into a pulp just because you put Black Lives Matter in your bio on your social media and turned your profile picture black? Do you think they will spare you because you have a mixed kid? Absolutely not. Your skin is your uniform to them. Your skin is white, features are white, blond hair, red hair, heck even if you had brown hair and eyes, they’ll be able to tell you’re white and this is what happens when they notice you. Actually this man was lucky he survived. You see them constantly kicking his head. Their goal is to kiIl you. And your family and the dog and burn your house down. If you don’t wake the hell up and become tribal like they are, with your own tribe, there is no chance we can survive as we are already outnumbered in many cities and States. They keep pouring in through our mostly nonexistent borders. And being welcomed by the globalists that hate the West. Pick your team or die.