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Tortured for hours then killed

These two elderly folks were attacked and tortured for hours, before being shot and set alight, in their home. “One of the most gruesome torture murders I’ve ever seen” according to an official.

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Shot-dead at 5 y.o by a 25 nigger

“The question tonight, why!?” — Because we’re forced to live beside subhuman super predators that have no impulse control. This nigger just destroyed this family. Justice would be annihilating his entire bloodline.  

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84 White man killed in Frisco

19yr old Antoine Watson and 20-year-old Maylasia Goo arrested following the murder of an 84yr old man in San Francisco on Thursday which was caught on CCTV, why would anyone do this? Horrific!  

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Great somalian “refugee”!

DUBLIN – Somalian refugee charged with burglary and refused bail as court hears he goes around stealing from apartment building postboxes Muhyadine Abdillahi (33) arrived in Ireland 17 years ago as an asylum-seeker and was [Suite…]