Afghans in Europe: Stand-up, Whites!


🔴 Afghans once again beating Europeans up, the friendly European probably thought he was dealing with civilized people and never even suspected that they wanted to do something bad

🟢 What are you doing European men? Arent you tired of seeing videos of immigrants beating your brothers and sisters? news about their infinite crimes? what are you doing?

🟢 Learn how to defend yourself, learn to stay vigilant at all times, use your time and money to improve yourself instead of wasting it with games and drugs

🟢 These immigrants are getting bolder and bolder, they dont respect you, they dont fear you, they dont care about any of you.

🟢 The riots will get worse, the crimes will increase, the crisis will grow… Discussing the same things online wont improve your country, nobody else will do the job for you, everyone is waiting for someone else to do it

‼️ Remember who you are, where you came from, what you have achieved in the past