On February 17, 2009, Eugenia Calle was trying to sell her condo. Eugenia was an accomplished cancer epidemiologist; she had just retired from her position as a leader in the American Cancer Society and was planning to move in with her fiancé. A young man named Shamal Thompson was posing as a prospective home buyer when he met Eugenia. A security guard offered to escort Shamal to Eugenia’s condo, but she said “It’ll be fine. I don’t want him to think that we don’t trust him.”

After she gave Shamal a tour of her home, he slammed Eugenia’s head against a granite surface, which fractured her skull and killed her. Then he stole money, credit cards, the engagement ring from her finger, and an access card to her building. He hid her body in a pantry, where it was found by her fiancé hours later. Shamal was apprehended by police after he returned to the building the next night with some friends to pick up items that had been too large for him to carry by himself.