Great new: A wild animal at least executed!

Look at his face: Good guy, hey? He is a good Christian, sure: Brandon Bernard robbed Todd and Stacie Bagley, 2 White Christians, with his friend, they prayed for them while they were holding them hostage!

Then they killed both of them, put the bodies in a trunk and Brandon doused the car and gasoline and burned them.

The usual bullshit arises on Twitter to ask for clemency: “he was only 18 when he did it!” or “He can read now!” (Great that a criminal could learn to read in prison!) As usual when niggers are prosecuted (and that happens very, very often!) celebrities came to support! Usual “democrat” representatives, and the big cow Kim Kardashian for example asked for commutation. Strangely this whore didn’t contact the victims’ family to support them…  They tried all, even saying that his execution “could spread Covid” 🙂 🙂 🙂

The US Supreme Court happily denied all this. Trump, last “hope” for criminals’ support, didn’t even reply and this wild animal was executed yesterday! (His accomplice was executed earlier in last September)

Better than to think about this shit, let’s remember Todd and Stacie Bagley! The Bagley family thanked Trump and the federal government for carrying out the sentence in their statements.